We all joined spotify as soon as it launched in Sweden in 2006. It is our main channel for music and our source to new releases. We love Spotify and nyplockadkiwi actaully started as a way of helping other people find new music and to always have music to listen on.

In april 2011 we launched our own playlist, simply called nyplockadkiwi. The goal is to provide you with a 100 song playlist with constantly changing content. When we add a new song the oldest one is kicked out to keep te playlist FRESH. You can’t put the playlist in a specific folder, there is a lot of Swedish music, Indie pop/rock, HipHop, Weird music, Dubstep/Club or really narrow music from small bands on verge of taking on the world. The one thing the songs have in common is that we chose them and you don’t have to find them. Subscribe to our playlist here.